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tomjets wood kits

...experient the revolution of scratchbuilding


The Interceptor90 offers you an interesting introduction into the innovative wood constructions from tomjets. The Interceptor90 is a classic sport jet with a modern design. Using a 90mm fan or alternatively a turbine from 35N, it goes through all flight maneuvres masterfully. The Interceptor90 offers endless fun for an affordable budget. With its size, it fits in any trunk. Right away ready for use thanks to the easy-to-assemble one-piece wing and always ready for a spontaneous after-work flight.


Turning your delta jet into the curve, reducing speed without any flaps and riding with high angele of attack on the jet of air, only through targeted dosing of the thrust preparing for landing looks awesome, but has to be trained! Thanks to its good natured behavior, tomjets offers you the perfect trainer for this with the Squall110