Turning a delta aircraft into the curve, reducing speed without any flaps and riding with high angele of attack on the jet of air, only through targeted dosing of the thrust with constant elevator deflection preparing for landing looks awesome, but has to be trained! Thanks to its good natured behavior, tomjets offers you the perfect trainer for this with the Squall110

The tomjet Squall110 is the adolescent resurrection of the renowned Phase 3 foam Squall of the early 2000s. Twice the size with a 110 mm impeller, retractable landing gear and vector control, it is your wooden dream come true.

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weight                                   6.1-6.5 kg
wing load                              108 g/dm²
recommended battery       LiPo 12S 5000 mAh
recommended fan              Ø110mm   min.5kg thrust

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tomjets_Sqall110_manual.pdf (2.77MB)
tomjets_Sqall110_manual.pdf (2.77MB)