Wooden kits are becoming increasingly popular again. The smell when opening the box, the possibility of realizing individual detailed solutions and the welcome contrast to foam jets are just a few of those special features.

However, many kits require a high degree of engagement, a well-equipped workshop and a lot of experience. The supposed bargain quickly turns out to be time-consuming and costly.

As an RC-aviation enthusiast and skilled engineer, I offer the solution. tomjets models in modern CNC wood construction paired with laser-sintered 3D printed components can be easily assembled even by unpractised hands, spark great excitement on the airfield with their uniqueness, and amaze with great size and attractive prices.


easy assembling

To put together tomjets model aeroplanes, the use of expensive machines, special purpose tools or equipment is not necessary. Laserd plywood and 3D-printed parts are precisely fitted with union connectors and numerations prevent confusion when gluing the parts together. Complex geometric parts that can hardly be produced with classic methods, are 3D-printed. Additionally, tomjets construction kits contain the model specific small odds and ends, such as hinges, levers, or cockpit canopy latches.



tomjet's models extend the comparatively small variety of wood models in the segment bigger than 90mm EDF. The focus is on distinctive sport jets with outstanding flight performance achieved through e.g. vector control or canards. Every tomjets model is a real eye-catcher at the airfield with sophisticated solutions and attention to detail.


attractive prices

tomjet's kits are laser cut from poplar plywood of the highest quality. Instead of conventional FDM 3D printed parts, tomjets uses laser-sintered parts with unmistakable surface quality and strength. With the use of non-variant parts, lower prices are achieved for the customers. The distribution is done directly by the manufacturer without any detours. Furthermore, Packages are designed to not fall into the category of measurement cargo.