To put together tomjets models, the use of expensive machines, special purpose tools or equipment is not necessary. Laserd plywood and 3D-printed parts are precisely fitted with union connectors and numerations prevent confusion when gluing the parts together. Complex geometric parts that can hardly be produced with classic methods, are 3D-printed. Additionally, tomjets construction kits contain the model specific small odds and ends, such as hinges, levers, or cockpit canopy latches.

Turning a delta aircraft into the curve, reducing speed without any flaps and riding with high angele of attack on the jet of air, only through targeted dosing of the thrust preparing for landing looks awesome, but has to be trained! Thanks to its good natured behavior, tomjets offers you the perfect trainer for this with the Squall120

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length                                1720mm
wingspan                              1280mm
weight                                   6.2-6.8kg
wing load                              108g/dm²
recommended battery       LiPo 12S 5000mAh
recommended fan              Ø120mm   min.5kg thrust
or turbine from 50N


download your manaul
tomjets_Sqall120_manual_temporarily.pdf (4.41MB)
download your manaul
tomjets_Sqall120_manual_temporarily.pdf (4.41MB)